Sin City Cast

“I see him as one of those pitiful things, sometimes born in hospitals. They feed it, keep it warm, but they don’t put it on the machines. They let it die. But he doesn’t die. He looks normal and nobody can tell what he is.”

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cypriotnikolas: Adriano Balestra


But there is something amazingly perfect to the fact that Jensen and Jared are going to be raising their families together. It just takes everything they have ever said to us about their lives and about their friendship and just shines such an awesome bright light on their love for each other.


“When thinking of iconic romance, ask yourself if any imagery (paintings, photographs, film-stills) comes to mind that is not showing heterosexual couples? Probably not,” says photographer Braden Summers of his photo series of everyday gay and lesbian couples from around the globe.



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“A Centaur in Disguise” by Michelle Tolo

This is the most precious Centaur art I’ve ever seen.

What really makes it is the fact that the dude and the horse are both going “something here ain’t right…”

And I could see any hard core horse riding enthusiast going “What are you doing!?  That’s not how you ride!”

I guess he’s trying to blend in and not be the

centaur of attention